Sunday, July 22, 2012

Steam Summer Sale 2012 Top Recommended Day XI Finale!

It's been a rough 11 days for our poor wallets, but today is the day. Today, we will find ourselves free from Valve's overwhelming sales, at least on a larger scale, until they see fit. For such an occasion, I see only one way to celebrate; buy more games!
  • S.P.A.Z: Space Pirates and Zombies - Take control of a fleet in this tactical top down space shooter. Explore the persistent randomly-generated universe to discover factions, enemies, and a unique story. Learn to build new ships, and stop the ever expanding Zombie infestation at all costs!
  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction - Lead Sam Fisher into the depths of lies and deceit as he uncovers the truth about his daughter's death. Employ tactical maneuvers to trick your enemies and sneak past them unnoticed, or us high tech weaponry to take them down by force. Discover why Sam Fisher is known as the best of the best in Splinter Cell Conviction.
  • Indie Game: The Movie - Now I know this isn't a game, but that doesn't matter. This highly praised documentary follows the brilliant minds behind Super Meat Boy, Fez, and Braid, as they experience the  ups, downs, success and failures of making video games. I laughed, I cried, and I was inspired. Movie of the Year material, in my books. A must watch.
  • Indie Bundle XI
    • World of Goo - In this award winning physics based puzzle game has you moving and manipulating living  balls of goo, building them into any structure or any thing you need to solve a certain puzzle. Enjoy the World of Goo.
I know there isn't much here, but today is the last day so anything you might have missed in the past couple days is probably still on sale. I hope you have enjoyed these past 11 posts, and that you love the games you have purchased during the sales.

Leave your comments, concerns, and suggestions for future topics in the comment section, and as always, thanks for reading, stay tuned, and stay sweet! :)

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